Monitoring neonatal vital signs without all the wires

Reduce stress in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with wireless neonatal vital signs monitoring. Bambi Belt offers reliable monitoring of neonatal vital signs without all the wires. Wireless monitoring in the NICU helps improve the physical health of babies and helps reduce parental stress.

The Bambi Belt offers reliable and comfortable monitoring of neonatal vital signs without wires. Comfortable wireless vital signs monitoring is better for NICU babies, parents and staff:

Better for babies

Comfortable vital signs monitoring without adhesive electrodes is better for NICU babies, because it eliminates the pain associated with the use of adhesive electrodes.

This is also important for the long term, as pain and physical stress in neonates negatively influences their developing brainMO. The absence of skin adhesives lowers the risk of infections associated with skin damage and hence reduces morbidityCAPO.

Wireless neonatal vital signs monitoring also simplifies Family Integrated Care and Kangaroo Care in particular, which positively affects the physical health of newbornsCOFRMCMBOBPTNY. We envision that babies monitored with the Bambi Belt - which enables accurate monitoring of neonates' vital signs - will have an impact on the number of days that these babies stay in the hospital.

Better for parents

Wireless vital signs monitoring makes it easier to take care of your baby, when he or she is admitted to the NICU.

Without wires it is way more easy to take your baby out of the incubator and take over some of the care tasks. Therefore you will feel more at ease to perform Kangaroo Care and to feed your baby. This will build your self confidence in taking care of your baby and contributes to a strong mother child bonding. A strong mother-child bond can help reduce anxieties which reduces the risk of developing a depression.FLNY.

Furthermore, skin-to-skin moments (Kangaroo Care) are easier and more relaxing for you without the wires, so you can perform it longer and more often.

Advantages for staff

Wireless vital signs monitoring is better for NICU staff, because babies are easier to pick up from their incubator, no need to disentangle the wires.

Parents are easier to guide and are more able to take over care tasks, as they are less stressed from seeing and handling the wires attached to their baby. Wireless NICU monitoring thus may help to promote Family Integrated Care.

And when babies cannot pull the monitoring wires, the number of false alarms would reduce. That saves time for nurses and reduces anxiety in parents.

But most importantly, the dEMG method used by Bambi Belt for apnea detection is proven to be more accurate (detection of central apnea) than the chest impedance methodKR2.

The comfort of the Bambi Belt, that features dry sensors, that do not stick to the skin is not only beneficial for the patient but also saves time for the nurses. No more time is needed to carefully remove the adhesive electrodes in order to avoid pain.

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