Wireless monitoring

Bambi Belt improves neonatal vital signs monitoring

Bambi Medical makes babies’ lives happier from day one by developing, testing and producing new technologies for the neonatology department.

Every year, millions of babies end up in the hospital at a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Here, the 15 million babies who are born preterm are kept warm in incubators. The babies who are born prematurely and babies who are ill are treated on the NICU.
All of their vital signs need to be closely monitored.

Every year, millions of babies need their vital signs to be closely monitored.

New: wireless neonatal signs monitoring

Up until now, heart rate and respiratory rate are monitored with wires and adhesive electrodes. The Bambi Belt - skin-friendly wireless vital signs monitoring for neonates that uses dEMG technology - makes wireless monitoring of preterm babies possible. Eliminating wires and adhesives improves Kangaroo Care (AKA more skin-to-skin contact), eliminating wires and adhesives enables Family Integrated Care (AKA parents taking over nursing tasks). Because no adhesives are used that can cause pain, stress and possibly skin damage, the Bambi Belt is friendlier to the babies’ skin and overall wellbeing.

A different approach to respiratory monitoring

The Bambi Belt makes use of diaphragmatic electromyography to monitor breathing. This dEMG technology can be more accurate in detecting central apnea when used for respiratory monitoring in premature babies. More accurate respiratory monitoring means faster diagnosis.

The difference between dEMG and and the current respiratory monitoring technique

The Bambi Belt monitors the heart rate (ECG) and dEMG for apnea detection of babies with a single-use silicone belt that is placed below the ribcage of the neonatal patient. It sends the data to the patient monitor and the NICU alarm management system via the Bambi Bridge (attached to the belt) and the Bambi Interface (connected to the patient monitor). Therefore, this wireless solution is perfect for both single room care and open-bay NICUs.

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