sidarto bambang oetomo

In 1951 I was born in Leiden and spent my childhood in Oegstgeest were I  attended the Rijnlands Lyceum. Even as a child I expressed the wish to become a medical doctor. And so I started studying medicine in Groningen.

When graduation approached I found myself in the luxurious position to be able to choose between further training in pediatric oncology and neonatology. Both fields were interesting, but the latter attracted me more, because it is most rewarding to cure a serious disease and give patients a long life to enjoy afterwards.

After spending almost 20 years in Groningen I was asked to come to the Maxima Medical Center (MMC) in Veldhoven to accept a position there in 2003. Given the great collaboration between the TU/e and the MMC I was appointed as a part-time professor Industrial Design where I worked on "design of technology for improving comfort of the premature baby".

Together with students I worked on a lot of projects and developed multiple prototypes aimed at improving the quality of life of the premature baby and the parent-child bonding. One of the project I worked on was the Smart Jacket, the predecessor of the Bambi-Belt.

I tried to get companies interested to adopt the Smart Jacket and bring it to the market. Most parties that I met, showed their interest and enthusiasm, but were reluctant to proceed in taking next steps. It was not before 2012 that the next iteration could be made, thanks to a grant of a pharmaceutical company.  After this it was still difficult to bring the product development forward by myself.

Finding myself in a blind alley again, I almost came to a point to accept the fact that the Smart Jacket for babies in the NICU was not more than an illusion. So I was very pleased that my son, Fabio, showed more and more interest to take up the challenge of bringing the product to market. On one evening he said to me: “Hey dad, we're not going to let your bright ideas disintegrate on the shelf. Let's start our own business!”



Since my childhood I had been dreaming to become a doctor. I had not made up my mind what kind of doctor exactly, but it was clear that I would be stepping into the footsteps of my father, who is a pediatrician (neonatologist to be precise). 

I was lucky enough to obtain an entry ticket into medical school in Groningen. It was a fun year, living on my own and enjoying student life. I even had classes  taught by my dad, which was a nice experience! However, upon successfully closing the first year, I realized that becoming a doctor was not my thing and, therefore, decided to leave med school and study Actuarial Sciences in Amsterdam.

For me this step made a lot of sense as I was also very interested in Economics. In addition to that mathematics was a subject at school that I was quite good at, so I decided to study Econometrics / Actuarial Science. I thought that it would be more challenging than Economics, and believe me, it was!

Getting my masters degree in Actuarial Sciences opened the doors to very interesting positions at great companies. I worked with a great pleasure for two multinational companies (Deloitte and Mars) over the last 13 years, and was really enjoying myself as factory controller of the chocolate factory in Veghel. At the same time, I had already been advising my dad on how to bring his great inventions to market. At the end it became clear that the only way to have a real chance of succeeding, would be to give it all my time and attention.

With these thoughts in mind, I said goodbye to all my colleagues and great job at Mars and started working for Bambi Medical as per March 1, 2016. It has been an awesome experience so far!


 Avinash Kale   

So who am I? - Authentic, Empathic, Accountable, Credible, and Distinctive
I am an ambitious individual raised in a multi-cultural environment with international living and working experience of more than two and half decades (25+ years) in India, China & Europe. I always had a high affinity towards Innovation, Entrepreneurship and a Passion for delivering cutting edge technologies. 

My industry experience started in the year 1992 with an Industrial robotics start-up, followed by setting up an automated plant at TATA Motors with more than 150+ industrial robots for its 1st indigenous Indian car, Indica.  Moving on I successfully establishing an Embedded Systems Center of Excellence for a top 3rd Indian IT firm in Shanghai heading Intel ODC.  A logical move for me was joining the Dell China team and leading their program & development of the first seven generations of the All-In-One PC portfolio. Making yet again an industry change I joined Philips Healthcare and managed the roll out of the first value segment MRI System in China. My most recent roll brought me to the Netherlands for Philips Healthtech’s business productivity initiative.

I was fortunate to make many firsts in my past corporate career having a track record of setting up successful new business initiatives (start-ups within the corporate environment). However, DEEP INSIDE MY HEART I felt something was still missing!!

Recently, I have taken the time to really hone in on what my core DNA and dream is! And during this journey of self-discovery I came across the focused, passionate and inspiring team of Bambi Medical with a strong, impactful and purposeful mission that exactly matched my personal and professional aspirations.

Now it feels like a huge weight has lifted off my back and suddenly everything seems brighter. My vision is clearer; the grass seems greener, the air smells fresher, the skies are bluer and my body weight seems lighter. I have a spring in my step and a newfound confidence that things are getting better.

Of all the things I've done in my past corporate career, I've come to realize that Bambi Medical is the perfect fit for my passion towards meaningful Innovation, my entrepreneurial dream, and my diverse experiences. I am happy to join the Bambi Medical dream of MAKING BABIES LIVES HAPPIER FROM DAY ONE; by wirelessly monitoring vital signs of pre-term babies and eliminating their stress and pain in support of their bonding with their parents.

I am proud of what this team has achieved so far. And I was truly inspired to join hands as CTO & Co-Founder to contribute to building the business foundation and pave the way for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Future. Another first!


claudia caparelli

Since my childhood I have always been fascinated by medical technology.  I used to play with medical instruments of my father, who is a physician, and I dreamt of creating something magical that could help people. So, no surprise, that as grown-up I decided to study Biomedical Engineering. In particular, I was interested in medical devices used in hospital and their clinical assessments, especially regarding the implementation of medical technology for improvement of the quality and effectiveness of patient care.

During my master’s thesis at an Italian company, Masmec Biomed, I worked on a Health Technology Assessment Report for the medical device used for biopsy and thermal ablation of lung’s tumor.  Now, already having an experience in the biomedical company, due to my interest in the clinical evaluations of medical devices, I wanted to find a job in a hospital environment. I worked for a year in a Clinical Engineering Service of the Province of Cosenza.

It was an interesting job, however my ambitions were not fully satisfied as I was thriving for a dynamic job in an international environment. This led me to make a decision to leave Italy and find a new challenging job in The Netherlands. That is when I met Fabio! He presented me Bambi Medical and his project of the Bambi-Belt. I thought: “What can be more challenging and dynamic than the startup world?” So, the decision was made!

Thanks to the Bambi Belt Solution, we can give hopes to parents who dream to cuddle their baby. I am sure that this experience can enhance my professional knowledge, but above all my personality. I am very glad to help preterm infants and to work with the Bambi team!


tamara pharadashvili

In my childhood driven to help people I dreamt to become a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. I was excited with the work that Audrey Hepburn had done in Ethiopia and I wanted to be like her. When I grew up, I realized that becoming a goodwill ambassador was not realistic - this is an honour of very famous people only.  Instead I chose journalism that gave me an opportunity to serve people by reporting issues of different groups of society. During my seven year career I was mostly focused on covering social topics – such as refugee crises in Georgia after war with Russia in 2008, healthcare topics, minority issues in Georgia. It was particularly rewarding to witness my articles leading to positive changes in the covered issues.  

With appearance of social media and its increasing power I became interested in this new form of media communication. In particular, I wondered how new ways of communication empowered people by making them creators and broadcasters of the content themselves. I explored this phenomenon during my Research Master. Being immersed in the field and my childhood passion never lost, I decided to switch from practical journalism to communication management. In particular to help companies focusing on development of products facilitating well being of society.  

That is why I was happy when I learned about Bambi Medical and was really excited to become a part of the team. To me Bambi Medical is the company that aims to serve society by improving quality of life of premature babies from their very first days of being on this planet. I believe that the Bambi-Belt has a great potential it will be a game changer in premature baby care.


Eindhoven is my hometown! After happily living in Utrecht to study medicine for six years, I felt very fortunate to find the job of my dreams in the city of my dreams.

Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with biology and physiology, in particular the human mind. I even choose to study Cognitive Artificial Intelligence initially, but that curriculum turned out not to satisfy my hunger for understanding human nature. Even though I was not sure I wanted to be a doctor, switching to med school seemed the logical thing to do. Six years later, I had loved everything I learned, but I still doubted whether I wanted to become a clinical practitioner. It was then that I met Sidarto. We discussed the biochemistry of parent-infant bonding, and the challenge to optimize this at NICUs. I felt it back then, I am sure of it now: parent-infant bonding is the essence of human nature. I was sold. Eindhoven, here I come!

From that moment, I started doing a Ph.D. project with the goal to enhance parent-infant bonding at a NICU, which I will finish in the next two months. Over the years, I have performed several clinical studies, seen many preterm infants, and spoken to numerous parents, doctors and nurses – I have enjoyed every day of it. I am therefore grateful and proud that this resulted in a position as Clinical Trial Consultant for Bambi-Medical, which I will take up after finishing my thesis. So far, the team has been very welcoming and the energy and passion to MAKE BABY LIVES HAPPIER FROM DAY ONE is clearly tangible during each meeting. I am looking forward to it!


Deedee Kommers 

emmie  steeghs

After finishing my job in the corporate world of Philips I have been looking at start-ups that could benefit from my background and experience in business-to-business marketing and marketing communication. It couldn’t be just any start-up; it had to be one that really had the potential to make a difference, to improve people’s lives emotionally or physically.

 Along came Bambi Medical. What a great story. Being able to support the growth of pre-mature babies by eliminating these pesky leads and stickers that prevent them from having that much needed skin contact and bonding moments with parents and care-givers. What a great idea. I did not hesitate and took the decision after the first meeting. I wanted to be a part of this.

 So here I am, trying to put Bambi Medical on the map and using my skills as a marketing communication and branding professional. To make you, dear reader, just as enthusiastic about this innovation as I am.

 So who am I? I have been working for Philips most of my career. Started out with Hearing aids, moved to Test and measurement equipment, which later became part of Fluke. Went back to Philips to start in the semiconductor area, which became NXP and where I played a leading role in the creation of the NXP brand. Back to Philips again, lighting, where I focused on thought-leadership programs around Human Centric Lighting e.g. how lighting can improve our health and well being.

 In between all this I went back to school and obtained a Master degree in Marketing with a thesis focused on branding through social media in a business-to-business environment.

Except for some time living and working in Silicon Valley for Philips I have lived most of my life in Eindhoven, breeding ground of many innovations.

 I am looking forward to the time that the innovation of the Bambi-belt by Bambi Medical will make a huge difference in father and mother bonding with their pre-mature babies, giving them that extra boost for a happy and healthy life in spite of the circumstances around their birth.


Helen Gissing 

My journey to Bambi Medical has been a long one. It started, I suppose, when I was at University in London studying Pharmacology and realizing that I was not a scientist and wondered what I was going to do after I graduated. I ended up working in the City of London for a firm of Accountants and Auditors; I thought that money made the world go round. I also wanted to travel and thought a financial qualification would help and it did. After becoming a Chartered Accountant I went to Johannesburg, South Africa for two years with one of the big 4 accounting firms. Nelson Mandela had just been released from jail and there was a great vibe in the country. I had a wonderful time outside of work, whereas, I was very unsatisfied with my job; working in the accounting profession was not for me. After that I moved into the corporate world taking on various financial positions in various part of the world. I wanted to be involved in a company where I could be proud of what it was doing and feel part of a dynamic team contributing to its success.

It’s been a long and interesting journey and here I am as the Financial Controller of a company developing a wonderful product to help premature babies, parents and nurses in a win, win, win situation. I’ve gone from thinking money makes the world go round to babies are our future. I’m much happier working with a team with the common purpose of making babies lives happier from day one.


After completion of studies first in a Hotel Management School in Tilburg and then in Human Resources Management in Hogeschool van Amsterdam, I tried to work with a combination of these two specializations, but later I ended up working in secretarial positions and realized that doing this I like the most. Organizing, supporting and being the connection link within a company are factors that I feel comfortable with and that is where I get energy from!

Having this in mind, I was looking for a new job and that is when I came in contact with Fabio, who was looking for secretarial support for Bambi Medical. After Fabio’s introduction of the company and the Bambi Belt Solution I became enthusiastic to become a part of the team. I liked both the product with a great potential to improve babies lives and the people who work for Bambi Medical – specialists with a huge drive to put Bambi Medical on the map.

It has been a great experience so far to work in Bambi Medical with such passionate people!


Pari Fleur Constandse

Ashwini Lingappa Swamy

I am from the Palace City of India, Mysuru which is in South India. I have always had an avid interest in technology which led to choosing electronics and communication as my choice subject.
I have completed my Diploma in the fields of Electronics and Communication and have been fortunate to have found opportunities to work at positions that allowed me to specialise in electronics right through my professional career. 

My professional career started in 2005 with a PCB manufacturer as a Quality Controller. In 2007 I  moved to Medical Devices Industry and played a different role viz.  Verification, Validation, Quality Assurance, Post Market Surveillance and Risk Management. This also gave me the opportunity to use technology for improving peoples' lives. Having worked with organizations like L&T, Wipro and Philips, my career has enabled me to gain extensive knowledge in quality standards and risk management of Medical Devices. 
Since I have been fortunate to make several contributions to quality and risk assessment of health care operations in various organizations, this has also grown to be my personal goal.
Working with Bambi Medical is yet another step in furthering my course towards my goal. The team at Bambi have made me feel very welcomed and I am excited to contribute to the organization in improving the lives of babies. I look forward to an exciting and fulfilling tenure at Bambi Medical.
I am also passionate about service to senior citizens and in the future hope to establish a senior citizens home which also supports differently abled people. 


Chandan Manchikanti

I was born in a small town in India. I have spent close to 18 years, in India, working for giants in MedTech in the Industry.
I started my career with Larsen&Toubro Medical as a hardware/electrical design engineer, working on various patient monitors development programs. Although, I was working as a hardware engineer, I had unique opportunity to work on software as well. The exposure I could get working on both hardware and software development helped me become a systems person.

This exposure got me into GE Healthcare, to become a Lead System Designer for a Fetal Monitoring program that was meant for the global market. As an Lead System Designer, I was the technical product owner looking after the entire product development, with strong interaction with Marketing, Clinical, Sourcing, Service, Manufacturing, Reliability, etc. Working on a product that was meant to be used on to-be mothers, was a unique experience. 
I had my next stint in Medtronic, another MedTech giant, as a Principal Systems Engineer for the Surgical Innovations business, India. I was lucky to get an exposure on how disposables business works. 
Then, I came across this opportunity with Bambi Medical where everything that I had done till date could be used. Again, it was more exciting because of the population of patients the product is addressing and the pain it takes away for the newborns. We want the first experiences for the babies and parents to be as less stressful as possible. That is what excited me to join the Bambi family. 


Aron Wierts

I studied Applied Physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology because of my interest in science. I realized however that I am interested in so much more than just science and came to the conclusion that I would not become a scientific researcher, although it was not clear to me yet which professional path I would eventually choose.

I started my career at DSM, an international company active in Life Sciences & Performance Materials, within the field of purchasing. A great step to gain a lot of expertise and knowledge on working in cross-functional multidisciplinary projects within dynamic environments. When I got the opportunity to work on a small nutrition project in Zambia with the United Nations World Food Programme (partnering with DSM), I realized that ‘improving life’ is an important motive to me in a professional function. When, in addition, I started missing the science and technology aspects within my job, I knew it was time to look for a new challenge.

My switch to Nemo Healthcare, a medical device start-up company active in the field of fetal monitoring, was a logic and perfect next step. I loved the diversity of a start-up company and being able to actively contribute to a wide range of fields such as product development, clinical research, usability engineering, regulatory affairs, product certification and (after)sales. I greatly enjoyed helping Nemo Healthcare grow from a start-up to a mature scale-up and am proud to have fulfilled a key role in realizing its ambition to develop a CE-marked fetal monitor from concept to release.

I now knew exactly which key elements drive and motivate me on a professional and personal level: entrepreneurship, product development and improving life. All elements that are strongly present within Bambi Medical, making it the perfect fit for a new challenge. As I was also very impressed by the knowledge and experience available in the Bambi team and the many achievements realized in the relative short timeframe since its foundation, I decided to join the company.

I am proud to be part of the team and feel strongly committed to developing great products that will make babies lives happier from day one!



Leo Louis

My introduction to medical technology and engineering happened when I spent a summer, after completing school, with the Biomedical Engineering Dept. of a major hospital in Bangalore, India. I was fascinated with how medical devices work and that led me to take up a vocational course with Bosch for 3 years, which gave me an understanding of the different aspects of Engineering and Manufacturing. On completing the course, I started working in Manufacturing for healthcare companies like TYCO Healthcare and GE Healthcare. From there, I moved to a Public Sector Company (Bharat Electronics) and simultaneously started pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication.  

 With my degree completed and experience gained, I desired an opportunity to work in an organization that would allow me to learn and grow in the field of Engineering. Choosing to work with UL and leaving a very secure Public sector/Govt. job was the most difficult decision for me but turned out to be the best decision as well. My time at UL was exciting and I learned a lot from this organization as I transitioned through various roles, from Field Inspections to Certification Project Engineer, all the while helping companies big and small to bring safer, compliant products into market. UL, in the meantime, acquired a consulting company in Germany and I transitioned as a Technical Manager to provide consulting services to its healthcare clients in India. This opportunity allowed me to collaborate with many globally and provide customised solutions to Indian/Asian markets in Regulatory affairs, Standards and Quality Management.

After this immense experience with UL, for the next few years I pursued opportunities with GE Healthcare as a Safety and Regulatory Leader for Maternal Infant Care; built and managed regulatory teams in Stryker India and  in ThermoFisher Scientific India, to support the global RA teams in the areas of CE Remediation, Clinical Evaluation and EU MDR.

Today with Bambi Medical, I am glad to be part of a team, where everybody is working towards the common goal of improving patient care especially for neonates and infants, which promotes Kangaroo care while limiting skin damage and stress on these vulnerable infants.


Onorio Iervolino

I have always been passionate about science and breakthrough technologies. That is why, when choosing my career path, I decided to study Material Science and Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy. I continued my study completing a Master Thesis in collaboration with the department of advanced materials at the TUDelft in the Netherlands and after that I gained a second master in systems engineering and advanced material in collaboration with the university of Science and Technology in Missouri (USA).

After this, I realized that it was time to start using the acquired knowledge in practice and I started working in the textile industry in Italy, where I was responsible for identifying innovative textile treatments. However, my passion for science led me to the next step in academia. This resulted in receiving PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom. During my PhD I was focused on NDT techniques and advanced textile for aerospace developing a new material that offers enhanced impact properties thanks to an innovative fiber arrangement technology.

I really enjoyed working in the aerospace field, however medical sphere was attracting me more and more. I was feeling the need to help people improving their quality of life with the knowledge that I had. That is why I started working for Medtronic in Ireland as senior R&D engineer. Here I focused on designing the next generation TAVI devices. In the meantime, I became a father, and this event has shaped my life as nothing else before. Fatherhood made me also more sensitive towards well-being of babies and Bambi Medical became a logical next step in my career. By joining Bambi, I got an opportunity to use all the knowledge and experience that I have on development of a game changing monitoring system for preterm babies and thereby contributing to making babies lives happier from day one! This opportunity makes me happy and proud to be part of the Bambi team!