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Olaf Ephraim has resigned as Chairman of the Supervisory Board


“I don't want this to negatively affect Bambi in any way,” – Mr. Ephraim said in explaining his decision– “I am aware that I was chairman of the Supervisory Board for a short time, and this was, obviously, not my intention, however, I believe that this decision is the correct one in the interest of the company.”

In response to Mr. Ephraim’s decision Fabio Bambang Oetomo, CEO of Bambi Medical, says that he understands how difficult it was for Mr. Ephraim to resign from his role, as he carried out the position with great enthusiasm and energy. “I have an incredible amount of respect for Olaf making this decision in the best interest of Bambi, as he sees that staying may have adverse effects on our business. I want to thank Olaf for everything he has done for us and wish him all the best for the future.” – says Bambang Oetomo.

In their joint statement, the other members of the Supervisory Board also highlight that they understand Mr. Ephraim’s motivation for this unexpected departure. They appreciate the fact that with this decision he clearly shows that he is putting the interests of Bambi first.

The remaining members of the Supervisory Board have decided that Gerard Winkels will succeed Olaf Ephraim as chairman of the Supervisory Board.

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