MMC is the first hospital in the world to monitor premature babies with the Bambi Belt


Maxima Medical Center (MMC) in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, is the first hospital in the world where premature babies are wirelessly monitored with the Bambi Belt.

“At the neonatology department of MMC we are committed to an innovation that will bring significant improvement in the care for premature babies. This revolutionary step is possible with the introduction of the Bambi Belt, which replaces adhesive electrodes used nowadays for vital signs monitoring of premature babies,” – says Heidi van de Mortel, project leader for complex implementations of technology and innovation at MMC, in a press release published on its website.

MMC started monitoring premature babies with the Bambi Belt on January 9th to evaluate the solution within the hospital workflow and to assess the added value of the Bambi Belt for the baby, the parents and staff.

“The first impression of monitoring babies without adhesive electrodes is positive,” – says Mrs. van de Mortel. “This innovation means more comfort for newborns, no skin irritation, and no sleep disruption. Using the Bambi Belt allows babies to move without pain and stress, contributing to their positive development.”

MMC also highlights how innovative technologies like the Bambi Belt, improve the parent-child bond, such as Kangaroo Care. This is the skin-to-skin contact between parents and their baby, which reduces stress and strengthens the bonding. “The Bambi Belt makes it easier for parents to remove their baby from the incubator and enjoy essential moments of contact more freely, without wires.”

Reflecting on MMC’s press release, the CEO of Bambi Medical, Fabio Bambang Oetomo, shares his excitement about the first feedback and recognizes the achievement of the Bambi team. “Developing a Medical Device is a long journey that requires dedication from a large group of talented people. We have also been supported by a large number of MMC staff members since the start. Their contribution was key, both during product development, and in clinical trials. We have always been optimistic to make a positive impact, but the first feedback from MMC is beyond our expectations. I am very proud of this achievement and hope all babies requiring monitoring will soon benefit from the Bambi Belt.”

Sidarto Bambang Oetomo, Chief Medical Officer and inventor of the Bambi Belt, adds:
"As a neonatologist my goal has always been to reduce pain and stress for vulnerable babies and improve the parent-child bond. With the introduction of the Bambi Belt on the NICU my dream comes true. No more painful electrodes and it is much easier for the parents to take the baby out of the incubator onto their chest.”

Gerard Winkels, Chairman of the Board of Bambi Medical also expresses his enthusiasm: “Bambi is a proud example of the strength and the commitment of the technology ecosystem of Brainport Eindhoven to enable start-ups to achieve success.”

MMC is the first customer of Bambi Medical. The company will continue to expand trial placements of the Bambi Belt in selected hospitals in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

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