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First scientific article about vital signs monitoring using Bambi Belt was published in a peer-reviewed journal


It is feasible and safe to measure respiratory activity by capturing diaphragmatic EMG (dEMG) signals from babies using the Bambi Belt – this is the key finding of the study, which was published in Physiological Measurement, a peer-reviewed journal, on May 25.

This is the first scientific paper written about the Bambi Belt, that is based on the results of the First in Man Study – a feasibility study of the Bambi Belt conducted at the Amsterdam University Medical Center between September 2020 and June 2021. In this study, 19 infants were included with a median gestational age of 27.3 weeks. All the infants were monitored with a Bambi Belt for up to 72 hours.

The conclusion of the paper is that by monitoring with the Bambi Belt a respiratory waveform could be obtained in all 19 infants. Furthermore, the amount of signal errors was low, no adverse skin effects were observed, and similar heart rate and respiration rate trends between monitoring with the Bambi Belt and the current method of monitoring were observed.

“Having the first scientific publication of a study where the Bambi Belt was used, which clearly shows the potential of the device and proves that with the Bambi Belt we are able to monitor preterm infants, is a big moment for us”- said CEO of Bambi Medical, Fabio Bambang Oetomo. He also highlighted that the First in Man Study was an important milestone that enabled the company to proceed with their clinical trials which are required to introduce the Bambi Belt on the market.

The article can be accessed here .

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